Velux rooflight kitchens

Current House Interior Trends

Interior trends at present are all about open large clean cut spaces bringing in lots of light into the family home.  Open plan living areas with vaulted high ceilings and Velux windows are trending all around the country with families wishing to alter the homes to accommodate this new style of modern living.

There are many styles of windows to choose from to make features within your room whether it is flat roof windows, roof domes, Velux Windows the choice is endless on how you can enhance and make a feature within your home. If you visit the Velux website you can view the alternative options available to you, just click here>

living room with vaulted ceilings

Open plan Living Spaces

Kitchen extensions are becoming very popular with opening up the kitchen space to accommodate this open plan family lifestyle that many people desire. The Velux’ s enhance the kitchen space by flooding in lots of light and brightening up the room. The Velux roof light windows are now being installed in the high valuted ceilings in white instead of the pine colour, this is more neutral and in keeping with modern interior trends today as shown below.

Grey Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors and Windows are Trending!

The new look which is becoming more and more popular spreading from the Capital London all across England is the want for grey alluminum windows and doors.

The grey aluminium bi-fold doors from the open plan kitchen dining area or living spaces are becoming a big desire for a contemporary look and feel to your home. Not only can you put this new look in to modern homes but also it can work with older properties to get a mixture of the old and contemporary feel.


This article was written by Rachael Nolan on behalf of Buckley Loft Conversions. If you require a quotation for the installation of Velux roof lights into your family home please get in touch and we will be happy to help!