Velux Loft Conversion in Lichfield Completed

Velux Loft Conversion Creates Wonderful Children’s Bedroom

This Velux Loft Conversion has been built within a beautiful family home within close proximity to Lichfield Town Centre and within a great catchment area for the local schools. With close walking distance to local parks, shops, restaurants, schools there is defiantly no need to look at relocating area, so a Loft Conversion becomes a very appealing option.

When your family is expanding and space is becoming tight, pressure becomes exerted on to the need to move, however sometimes this is not an option and nor a desire for others. Family homes are there to be loved, cherished and to grow with the family, so much so that the love can be felt as soon as you walk within the home!

Why get down by the prospect of uprooting your children from their lovely home, school, nursery, also the hassle of buying and selling a house is deemed one of the top stressful events in a persons life! That is without the liaising of estate agents, solicitors, removal companies, the actual move and not to mention the cost of all of this!! So if you look at an average moving house time now of four to six months or have a loft conversion built in four to six weeks which option would you prefer?

Childs Attic conversion Bedroom

Loft Conversion Process

For many people the thought can be very daunting and off putting as many would imagine living for a time without their roof on, disruption within the household, the cost implications, the list could go on……..

Now this article is going to show you how easy the reality is!! 🙂

      1. We offer a Free Design and Quotation service.
      2. We liaise with the Local Authorities for Planning and Building Regulations.
      3. We draw up structural working drawings.
      4. All the main construction work is built from the OUTSIDE!!! Yes I hear you say???… Yes that means no tradesmen making a mess within your family home – How ideal!
      5. The stairs get installed at the end of the conversion prior to plastering and the decorating.
      6. The office Operations team liaise with all the workman making sure that all works are completed within the time scale and to the correct drawings.
      7. The loft conversion gets regularly visited by our Operations Manager and the Building Inspectors to ensure that the structural work and quality are of the highest standard.
      8. Average cost of a loft conversion is around £20,000.00 compared with the average cost of moving in 2014 was £12,000.00 and that is just to move house! see here for more information >
      9.  The loft conversion is a fixed cost agreed with both parties on the contract,moving house is not with spiralling soliciting costs!
      10. A loft Conversion will add money on to the value of your house.

Taking A Look at this Great Children’s Bedroom

This conversion is a child’s ideal room, take a look at the pictures – I am sure any child would love a bedroom like this!!!


Thank you to our clients for providing us with their child’s bedroom photographs, we are sure his friends love to come and stay at his house!

This article was written by Rachael Nolan on behalf of Buckley Loft Conversions, if you are interested into looking at the prospect of having a Loft Conversion please feel free to get in touch on 01543 469996 and we will be happy to help you.

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