Birmingham Bungalow Loft Conversion Transformed

Bungalow Attic Conversion Transformation Lets Take a LOOK….

The transformation of this three bedroom to a six bedroom bungalow in Birmingham is spectacular, providing the family with the extra space that they required. The bungalow already consisted of a “part” loft conversion in a section of the loft area that had been converted into a bedroom, with eyebrow dormer windows to the front and rear of the property.

Bungalow Loft Conversion Expanded to Meet the Family’s Needs

The family decided to remove the existing “part” loft conversion in order to maximise the bungalows potential by utilising all of the existing space within the loft area.

This Bungalow Loft Conversion entailed removing the existing eyebrow dormer windows at the front and rear of the property. We installed NEW Velux Roof Lights within the roof space, creating a new modern look externally, but internally flooding the rooms and landing with lots of natural light!

The configuration of the stairwell was altered by removal of the existing staircase. The new stairs was installed in a new direction, so that our clients would enter the Loft Conversion in the centre of the Bungalow in to a Spacious Bright Gallery Landing Area. This alteration was required in order to maximise the potential loft space, thus creating four bedrooms, one bathroom, an open gallery study area and a large boarded storage area within the same space that had previously only had one bedroom as seen below on the plans.

Birmingham Bungalow loft conversion Collage


From removing the existing staircase into the loft conversion, we replaced it with a new staircase with traditional pine stair parts which the client has decorated using a dark wood stain.

Timescale of the Bungalow Conversion

This Bungalow loft conversion took seven weeks to complete from start to finish. Our clients were delighted with the completed loft conversion, the family now has lots of space within the bungalow to enjoy as shown below.

Bungalow loft conversion birmingham


Thank you to our clients for allowing us to take photographs of their completed Bungalow Velux Loft Conversion, we at Buckley Loft Conversions are pleased that they were delighted with the end result.

Is your family home too cramped? Could you benefit from having some extra space?

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This article was written by Fern Cranney on behalf of Buckley Loft Conversion Ltd.

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