Buckley Loft Conversions – Over 100 Years of History!

Past to Present at Park Street, Cannock

Taking a trip down memory lane……………………..

In modern times there are not many commercial buildings that are able to boast such a long and interesting history. Fortunately Buckley Loft Conversions at Park St. Works are able to do just that.  Although not classified as a listed building it has been at the heart of the Bridgtown community for over 116 years.

To celebrate this achievement we have put together some information and photos which we would like to share with you.

If you recognise any of the photos or names please feel free to comment, your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

1900s History of 50 Park Street

The Building at 50 Park Street, Bridgtown, Cannock has served many purposes over the years.  The photograph shows a rare outing to Blackpool in 1925 from the Social Club prior to a move to its present site in Walsall Road, Bridgtown.  The charabanc trip was a great social opportunity to get dressed up and take a ride in such an impressive vehicle, we wonder just how many people it held and how long the journey took there and back.

charabanc Trip Cannock 1

1970s History to Present Day

During the 1970s the premises were used as a manufacturing Company owned by the Burgess Brothers. In the dark cellars they carried out watermarking for the banding of the banknotes.  The Buckley Loft Conversions stair shop now operates from what was once home to a large manufacturing workforce.

For over twenty years the premises have been Buckley Loft Conversions’ offices and Joinery Shop. Here we have proudly designed and built loft conversions, garage conversions and extensions, serving customers over a 40 mile radius across the West Midlands.  In our joinery workshop stunning bespoke staircases are produced by very skilled and talented craftsmen, creating your very own ‘one off design’.

Stairs Collage Cannock


As with many old buildings the story would not be complete without a tale about ghostly goings on, and our Park St. Works is no exception. Rumour has it that our very own resident phantom makes tours of the offices. After dark never seen but its presence always felt, we like to think of it as our very own ‘night watchman’.

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