Loft Conversion Stourbridge

Melrose Avenue, Stourbridge Loft Conversion Started on 12/05/14

This rear dormer construction in Stourbridge is creating a great space within the loft area. The loft conversions will add two additional bedrooms, a family bathroom, en-suite and lots of wardrobes!

The new staircase is proposed to have modern glass panelling to the landing area, be great to see that feature when its completed.

The conversion constitutes under ‘Permitted Development’ as the proposed dormer fall under the 50 cubic metres allowance so no Planning Permission was required just Building Regulations.

Stourbridge loft conversion plan

This article was written by Rachael Nolan on behalf of Buckley Loft Conversions. If you are interested in having a loft conversion in Stourbridge, see our Loft conversion Page for more info>

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