Birmingham Loft Conversion Storage Areas

Loft Conversion Storage in the Eaves

Have you ever thought that if you convert your loft then you will loose all your storage space?

That is not always the case…. Lofts have many hidden areas which can be usable storage spaces.  Every loft conversion has access doors to the storage areas within the eaves of the loft, so you can still place your memorabilia, books or your Christmas decorations!

Not forgetting that many of  our West Midlands loft conversions have potential for built in wardrobes to maximise your loft conversion space even further!!!

Bungalow Loft Conversions have Many Storage Solutions

Some of our clients especially in Bungalow Loft Conversions only want to convert part of the loft area so there is still plenty of loft space that be boarded out and used if required.

In Bungalow Conversions under the feature ‘NEW STAIRCASE’ is a great place to have a new full size storage cupboard.

Our access doors blend into your conversion perfectly making them look neat and tidy let alone accessible to the home owner like shown in the picture below, they even come with keys so that they can be locked………… to keep the children and pets out of them!

Loft Conversion Storage Areas


Birmingham Boarded Storage Areas

If storage space is all that you need then boarding out your loft may be the perfect solution for you!

We will install a loft ladder and light to make it easier to get in and out of your loft, the loft hatch can be moved to a new accessible area within the house if need be.

We will lay new floor boards for you and even add some more loft insulation if required to keep your house even warmer…….and to save on those expensive heating bills!

Some of our lofts have part of the loft boarded out like shown in the pictures below, with full access doors into the boarded storage areas making them very accessible to our clients.

Birmingham Boarded Storage Area

For more information on Boarded Storage Areas please give us a CALL 01543 469996 or EMAIL US>

 This article was written on behalf of Buckley Loft Conversion by Rachael Nolan.

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