FairTrades Members since 1991

Loft Conversions – We have been a Fair Trades Member since 1991!

The Fair Trades Association has been established for the past 40 years, in this time they have been promoting accredited and trusted companies and recommending double glazing firms, solar providers, builders, roofers, plumbers and joiners to the general public a cross the country.

Fairtrades ImageHome owners benefit from access to Fair Trades easy to use ‘Find a Tradesman’ business directory of registered builders and local home improvement professionals.

Buckley Loft Conversions Ltd are members of Fair Trades and have been established with them since 1991 and have an excellent rating with many reviews from previous customers. To find us online our membership number is 1859 this number allows you to search for our company and have a look at what our previous customers have rated us and their comments. To view our reviews click here >

Why choose a Fair Trades Member?

You do not always know if somebody is a reliable or quality tradesman by looking at an advert in the newspaper or finding their website online – As anyone can do this! Good trustworthy tradesmen gain their reputation through recommendations and referrals from previous happy customers, or through their Trade Associations and Memberships like Fair Trades and the Federation of Master Builders.

Fair Trades members go through a rigorous vetting procedure requiring the following;

  •          How long the business has been trading.
  •          Check they have a clean legal history and a good credit rating
  •          A list of customer references.

Take A look at Fair Trades Suggestions that Will Help You Find a Reputable Local Firm of Builders;

*Ask friends, family, work colleagues, Trade Associations about their recommendations
*Search on websites and Trade Associations where customers give ratings such as quality and value.

*Check the company is a trade member of things like Fair Trades and Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and that their membership is valid as often tradesman show logos when they are not even members!*Check the firm has an official website including full details and a physical office where they operate on a full time basis.

*Find the details of previous customers + visit to inspect the standard of workLoft Conversions Fairtrades feedback form

*Receive at least three written quotes from different companies with a detailed written specification of what the works include. ( not verbal quotes)

*All building firms should support your wish to obtain a number of written quotes and not put you under any pressure to place an order.

*Once you have chosen your builder a fixed price  and a written contract should be drawn up and signed by both parties and if signed in your home a ‘Cancellation Notice’ and  ‘ Notice of Right to Cancel the Contract’ should be issued by the company which is a legal requirement.

* The firm should provide you with a copy of their Public Liability Insurance

*They should provide a written guarantee about the work that should ideally be supported by an insurance policy

*They should be prepared to notify the Local Authority of any work they need to be informed about and gain the appropriate approvals.

If you want any more information on Fair trades then visit their website and look us up now!

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