Loft Conversions “OLD” VS “NEW”

Loft Conversions 1990’s to 2024!!

Today we are taking a look back in time comparing the Loft Conversions Buckley Loft Conversions built in the 1990’s to the 21st Century. Buckley Loft Conversion have been established for over 30 years, so if you wish for some security in a firm you can see we are going no where! 

It is great to look at how we have developed as a company through the different eras, even though the fashions have changed you can be self assured the quality of our workmanship is still of a high standard as you can see in the different images.

We pride ourselves in our large selection of  customer referrals, Word of Mouth and returning customers over the years – We love to welcome old customers back as well as meeting the new!

Back to the 90’s!!

In the 1990’s the architrave may be painted green but it is still the standard bullnose architrave which is still an option in our range that we use today.

The roof lights installed Then and Now are supplied by Velux – Why change it when they are superb quality. Velux provide excellent customer service, if you have problems with your Velux’s – YES even 20 years later we can fix it!!

Bathrooms were certainly easier in the 90’s compared to present day. Today we have so much choice with the modern styles, we install lots of different variations of units, not just the standard ‘Pedestal’ and ‘wash basin’ like in the 90’s!

loft conversion Birmingham old

Here we have a loft conversion built in 1990! What do you think of the style and fashions compared to today!??


Old Staircase Designs

Back in the 90’s the style of the time was turned pine stair parts as you can see below. Acorns and ball caps were popular then to compliment the turned parts.

Stairs Old Birmingham

Now lets have a look at they styles in the 21st Century today!……………………………

Today square parts have taken the industry by storm, many stair manufactures have had to alter their stair ranges and discontinue some turned stair parts due to the low demand levels. Oak and Hemlock are very popular today along with the ultra-modern Fusion Glass range that has hit the stairs world with a big bang!

Everyone loves creating that unique look in their home, that’s why we are perfect in helping create your perfect bespoke staircase. So with all our expertise in the joinery world from 1990 to today we know how to give our customers the look and quality that they are looking for.

Stairs Modern Birmingham
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